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Our artificial grass has been designed with children in mind. Kids like to run around and play without considering the surface they are on and this is our inspiration for our Play Grass, artificial grass.

This surface is strong and resilient and will look the same after many games and balls have been played and kicked. Featuring a medium pile, a rich colour and a natural look and feel, this is grass, but without the maintenance and worry.

Playgrass is a premium artificial turf that has been successfully used in landscaping projects throughout the UK. It has been developed to meet the specific, demanding requirements of play areas and provide durable artificial turf for a range of sports and leisure requirements.

Easy to install and maintain, Playgrass is designed to replace a traditional lawn with a low maintenance year round cover that means no more soggy or bare patches. So from large landscape gardening projects, to smaller lawn replacements, Playgrass is the ideal artificial grass for you.

Playgrass has been designed as a Safety Surface with added aesthetic qualities, meaning that it can be used to transform an existing grass area into a play area safety surface. We offer a range of Play grass designed to replicate the look and feel of grass but without the maintenance.

Playgrass is a high quality grass imitation which can be used commercially and residentially. Our grasses are a Polypropylene, Polypropylene/ Polyethylene mix, or monofilament fibre yarn designed to give increasing levels of realism and feel of real grass.

Designed to resemble grass as closely as possible, our artificial grass features two coloured tufts to accurately replicate the growth pattern and look of natural grass. Playgrass is low maintenance - however it isn't no maintenance. Simply remove debris with a stiff brush to avoid moss growth.

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